I spent an evening in the studio with Carrie Strahle and Lora Frische playing with some fun lighting last week. Its interesting to think about how much our eye actually sees compared to something like a Mantis Shrimp.  Here is my attempt to push color.  Thanks to Option Model and Media. 

3D Vertigo

I want to share that I’ll be experimenting more with photography.  I’m building things, trying new programs and ultimately bending the way we view photos. There's exciting things happening soon and I can't wait to post more. As a teaser I want to share this with you. 

If you know me then you know how much I love stereopticons. These were the old double image viewers that you might have had as a kid that made the image look 3D. Before those plastic ones there were the true stereopticons that people would play with over a hundred years ago and they still look amazing today.  I wanted to see what we could do just playing around with two cameras. You may have seen this technique before and its a little jarring to the brain but it still gives you a 3d feel on a flat surface. 


Enjoy and try not to have a seizure! 


-Model: Wade Holter

-HMUA Carrie Strahle


Lora Friche

We had a practice day for a long 2 week shoot next month. I thought why spend all the time and money without having some fun. I saw a great ad from Saks Fifth Avenue while I was in Chicago and it gave me some inspiration for a black and white shoot ! Lora from Option Model and Media was kind enough to join us to play with some looks. What do you think? 



Had a great time in the studio last week playing with shape and color. The talented makeup artist Carrie Strahle and I wanted to see how the blending of glamour and sportwear would fit.  Laura Coyier did some great styling for us as well!

Thanks to Morgan, Tia, Hailee and Patience for modeling.