3D Vertigo

I want to share that I’ll be experimenting more with photography.  I’m building things, trying new programs and ultimately bending the way we view photos. There's exciting things happening soon and I can't wait to post more. As a teaser I want to share this with you. 

If you know me then you know how much I love stereopticons. These were the old double image viewers that you might have had as a kid that made the image look 3D. Before those plastic ones there were the true stereopticons that people would play with over a hundred years ago and they still look amazing today.  I wanted to see what we could do just playing around with two cameras. You may have seen this technique before and its a little jarring to the brain but it still gives you a 3d feel on a flat surface. 


Enjoy and try not to have a seizure! 


-Model: Wade Holter

-HMUA Carrie Strahle