Description of Work

An exhibition, which is true in nature, in regards to the factual accounts of the legendary explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, as it relates to their actual Corps of Discovery and its recently uncovered dramatic conclusion, which mysti
fies all manner of accepted science but shall surely enthrall the general public on a whole: A photo exhibit.

- William Clark


The year is 1804, one year after the Louisiana Purchase. It’s the dawn of a new century and there is great land recently obtained in the west. On May 14th, two explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ventured into that unknown*, in hopes of making it to the great Northwest. On their way, they made many incredible discoveries*, mapped to an amazing degree of accuracy, but before reaching the Pacific, something happened... a time vortex? The mulitverse? Too much psychotropic trail food? We may never know.

These two explorers who eventually returned to President Jefferson were inexplicably different, changed from the men who left. Were they the same Lewis and Clark? This photo exhibit delves into and explores the true tales of Lewis and Clark - Finally we shed light on this journey these good friends experienced and how it took much more of a twist than they ever felt should be recorded to history books. This is the true untold story of their recent appearance from the void of time and space, bent on documenting all of their encounters, as they finally, actually, survey the Northwest.

What follows are their real stories and findings...

*for white people