Technical work overview


COmercial client/ published SEASONS




A short commercial we did for DYNE and Bemis Sew Free Technology. Shot on a custom built human sized turntable.

Here's a short behind the scenes of the above video. 

Gifs to show versatility  

The above GIFs show the highlights the reflectivity of the garment. 


E-Commerce motion work

I’ve designed and built all of our large scale motion production equipment from the small product turn tables to larger live model rotating auto shooting tables, even a full scale bullet rig. My passion is the melding mechanical builds into pleasing imagery and making it simple and easy to use repeatedly.

Along with commercial production I also shoot, direct and select content that is then showcased on Kohl's, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon, Zappos, etc. Above is an example of some of that video work for the Nike landing page on Kohl’s.


Motion Gifs +



Bullet Rig Production

24 camera bullet rig

We’ve built a large bullet rig which basically fires all the cameras at the exact same millisecond. This allows us to capture all sides of an athlete as they are in motion. Above are two very basic examples. We also do these outside with athletes and remove the cameras in post.